​​​The Band:
* Jericho, Pyramid Records-1994
* The Box Set, Capitol Records-1994
* High on the Hog, Pyramid Records-1996
* Jubilation, featuring Eric Clapton, River North Records/Platinum-1998

Livingston Taylor:

* Life is Good, Atlantic/Critique Records-1988 (includes 2 AC top 40 singles with James Taylor)
* Our Turn to Dance, with Michael Franks, Vanguard Records-1993
* Bicycle, featuring James Taylor, Chesky/Coconut Bay-1996 

Rick Danko: 

* Live on Breeze Hill, Breeze Hill-2000
* Times Like These, Breeze Hill-2000

Rick Danko/Jonas Fjeld/Eric Andersen:
*Danko Fjeld Andersen, Blue River, Sony- 1993

Garth Hudson:
* The Sea to The North

* With Levon Helm, Garth Hudson and Joan Osborne, Polygram Records-1998

Scotty Moore: 
* All The Kings Men - With Keith Richards, Levon Helm, Jeff Beck, Mavis Staples, Sweetfish Records-1997

Rory Block:
* Rock in my Sock, Rounder Records-1987 (2 gold singles with Stevie Wonder)
* Best Blues and Originals, Rounder Records-1989 
* Mama's Blues, Rounder Records-1990 (featuring Mark Knopfler)
* Ain't I a Woman, Rounder Records-1994 
* Confessions of a Blues Singer, Rounder-1998 (featuring Bonnie Raitt)

Dave Brubeck:

* Quiet as The Moon, Music Masters-1991
* Trio Brubeck, Music Masters-1994 (Grammy nominated)

The Brubeck Brothers Quartet:
* LifeTimes 
* Classified  featuring The Imani Winds
* Intuition

Chris Brubeck: 
* Triple Play Live in Singapore with the Singapore Chinese Orchestra
*  River of Song with Frederica Von Stade
* Tassajara Symphony Orchestra featuring Rachel Luxon
* Convergence 

Brubecks Play Brubeck

Chris and Dave Brubeck:
* Ansel Adams; America

The Fugs:

* No More Slavery, Olufsen Records-1986
* Star Peace, New Rose Records-1987
* Songs from a Portable Forest, Gazell Records-1990
* The Fugs Live at Byrdcliff with Allen Ginsberg-1996

* Don't Stop, Don't Stop - 5 CD Box Set
* The Final Fugs Final CD [Part 1], Artemis - 2003

* Be Free! The Fugs Final CD [Part 2] - Koch

Mercury Rev:

* Deserter’s Songs, V2 Records-1998 (Gold album - Voted one of the 10 best of 1998)

* Deserter's Songs remaster and instrumental versions
* All Is Dream, V2 Records- 2001

* The Secret Migration

* The B-Sides

* Snowflake Midnight

* Strange Attractor

​* The Light In You

Anna Maria Jopek
* Sobremesa   

Roy Haynes
* ROY-ALTY   (featuring Chick Corea and Roy Hargrove)

Chick Corea, Eddie Gomez, Paul Motian 
* Further Explorations

Chick Corea
* Pianist

Michael Franks
* Time Together
* Rendezvous in Rio
* Watching The Snow
* The Dream   5 cd set

Jack DeJohnette, John Patitucci, Danilo Perez
* Music We Are

Jack DeJohnette and Bill Frisell
* The Elephant Sleeps But Still Remembers

Jack DeJohnette, Larry Goldings and John Scofield
* Trio Beyond  tribute to Tony Williams

Jack DeJohnette & Foday Musa Suso
* From The Hearts of the Masters

Jack DeJohnette and Don Alias

Kalman Olah
* Always  (featuring Jack DeJohnette and Ron McClure)

Wadadda Leo Smith - The Golden Quartet
* The Year of  The Elephant…featuring Jack DeJohnette, Malachi Agustus Favors, Anthony Davis, PI Recordings-2002

Michael Cain
* Prayer

George Colligan
* The Endless Mysteries (featuring Jack DeJohnette and Larry Grenadier)

Pete Seeger
* The Songs of Pete Seeger Vol.1  Appleseed-1998 (featuring Bruce Springsteen)
* Seeds; The Songs of Pete Seeger Vol. 3 Appleseed-2003 (Grammy nomination)
* Bring em Home (with Ani DeFranco, Steve Earl, Billy Bragg)

Lucky Peterson
* You Can Always Turn Around  (Blues Album of the Year Grand Prix du France)


-  featuring Steve Gadd,Tony levin, Mike Maineri, David Spinozza, Warren Bernhardt
* 2.0
* Now

Tony and Pete Levin 
* Levin Brothers

Aine Minogue
* Celtic Pilgrimage
* Celtic Lamentations
* Close Your Eyes, Love
* The Vow: An Irish Wedding Celebration

Doc Watson:

* Songs for Little Pickers, Sugar Hill Records-1992 (Grammy nominated)

Jay Ungar & Molly Mason:

* The Lovers Waltz, Angel EMI Records-1997

* The Catskill Collection, Swinging Door Music-1998
* Relax Your Mind, Angel/EMI - 2003

David Torn: 
* Door X, Windam Hill Records-1991 (with Bill Bruford and Mick Karn)

Kate Taylor: 
* Beautiful Road, Front Door Records - 2002
* Auld Lang Syne (featuring James Taylor)

Happy & Artie Traum: 
* The Test of Time, Roaring Stream Records-1993
* Bring it on Home, CBS/Sony Records-1995 

Artie Traum:
* Cayenne, Rounder Records-1987
* Letters From Jobee, Shanachie Records-1994 (#1 NAC for 6 wks)
* Acoustic Jazz Guitar

Richard Shindell:
* New project for release in 2016

Antje Duvekot:
* New Siberia
* New Release for 2016

Michael Benedict:
* Circulation: The Music of Gary McFarland featuring Joe locke

* Blue 72

Cathie Ryan:
* Farthest Wave
* Through Wind & Rain

* Orleans Live, Pony Canyon Records-1992

Tom Paxton/ Anne Hills:

* Under American Skies, Appleseed Recordings - 2001

Jazz Mandolin Project:
* XenoBlast, Blue Note-2001

 Amy Fradon & Leslie Ritter:

* Amy & Leslie, Alcazar Records-1990
* Take me Home, Shanachie/Cachet-1994 (2 top 40 AC singles)

Leslie Ritter & Scott Petito:

* In The Silence, Hudson Valley Records-1998

 (nominated Best New Age Record by New Age Voice/ Top 10 single "Forgiveness" FM1 Chart) 
* Circles In Sand, Hudson Valley Records-2001 (Folk Record of the year 2002 NAV)

* This Christmas Morning - Collective Works!

Scott Petito:

* Sbass Music, Hudson Valley Records- 2002 (#13 NAV Chart)

Tony Trischka:

* World Turning, 1993 Rounder Records

The Dolphins: 
* Digital Dolphins, B&W Records-1996


* The Swirl, Island Records-1990

Jean Redpath:

* Songs of Robert Burns, Rounder Records-1989,
* Summer of my Dreams, Redpath Records-1995
* The Moon’s Silver Cradle, Redpath Records-1996
* Woman of our Time, Redpath Records-1998
* Think On Me, Redpath Records-1999

Four Men and a Dog:

* Dr A’s Secret Remedies, Castle Records-1995 
* Long Road Home, Castle-1997

Anne Hills:

* Woman of a Calm Heart, Flying Fish Records-1987
* Voices, Flying Fish Records-1990
* Angle of the Light, Flying Fish-1995
* Bittersweet Street, Redwing Music-1998

* The Things I Notice Now: Anne Hills sings the songs of Tom Paxton

* Points of View

* Ef You Don't Watch Out

* Beauty Attends: The Heartsongs of Opal Whiteley 

Priscilla Herdman:

* Darkness into Light, Flying Fish Records-1987
* Stardreamer, Alcazar Records-1990
* Daydreamer /Music for Little People, Warner-1992
* Moondreamer, Redwing Music-1998
* The Road Home, Redwing- 2003

* Into The Stars

Steve Gillette & Cindy Mangsen:

* Texas and Tennesee, Compass Rose-1998
* Songs of Experience, Compass Rose-1999
* A Sense of Place, Red Wing- 2000

* Being There

* Berrymania

* Home By Dark

* Four Rode By (Steve & Cindy w/Anne Hills & Michael Smith), Appleseed-2003

Steve Gillette:

* The Man

Cindy Mangsen:

* Songs of Experience

* Cat Tales

Anne Hills & Cindy Mangsen:

* Never Grow Old, Rounder-1996

* Never Grow Up, Rounder-1997 


* Voices of Winter

* At The Turning of the Year

Michael Smith:

* Time,  Flying Fish-1994

Diane Zeigler:

* Sting of the Honey Bee, Rounder-1995

Arlen Roth:

* Tooling Around , Oh Boy Records-1993 (featuring Dwayne Eddie, Brian Setzer, Albert Lee)
* Drive It Home, Solid Air Records - 2001
* Jimi Hendrix Tribute, Comet- 2003

Larry Gowan:

* Larry Gowan, CBS records-1993 (Canada)

Michael Jerling:

* New Suit of Clothes, Shanachie Records-1994
* In Another Life, Waterbug-1998
* Early Jerling, Waterbug-1998
* Little Movies - Fools Hill 2001

Bob Warren:

* Clear Connection, KBW- 2002

Eric Garrison:

* Looking For Egypt, China Moon Productions-1999

Various Artists:

* A Tribute to Doc Pomus, Rhino Records-1995

Phil Ochs :

* Tribute Album, Sliced Bread-1998

Tom Pacheco:

* Woodstock Winter, Polygram/Mercury Records-1997
* There Was A Time, Appleseed-2002
* Nobodies with Steiner Albrigtsen, Norske Gram/EMI- 2000

Abby Newton:

* Crossing To Scotland, Culbernie-1998
* Castles Kirks and Caves, Red Wing-2001

Paul Burlison:

* Train a Comin, Sweetfish- 1998

Baird Hersey and Prana:
* The Eternal Embrace
* Sadhana…with Krishna Das

Greg Chako:
* Everybody’s Got a Name (featuring Don Byron and Delfeayo Marsalis)

Sarah Pedinotti Band:
*City Bird

Mike & Ruthy:
* The Honeymoon Agenda
* Waltz of the Chickadee

Mike Merenda:
* Quiver
* Trapped in the Valley

* Born Live

Open Book:
* Grateful

Christian Sands:
* Risin’  featuring Bill Evans

The Christine Spero Group:
* My Spanish Dream
* Spero Plays Nyro


Eight 02:
* Eight 02  featuring Lennie Castro
* Drive

John Esposito - Trio & Quintet:
* The Blue People
* Down Blue Marlin Road
* Orisha
* A Book of Five Rings

Jeff Marx/ Jeff ‘Seige' Seigel/ John Esposito:
* Inyo
* Tahrir

Jeff  ‘Seige’ Seigel:
* Magical Spaces

Roy Assaf Trio:
* Second Row Behind The Painter

John Medeski & Lee Shaw:
* Together Again: Live at The Egg

Lee Shaw Trio:
* Originals
* Live in Graz
* Blossom
* Live in Reutlingen

Joy Askew:
* The Pirate of Eel Pie

Nancy Donnelly:
* A Greater Love
* Lyrics From The Heart

Kelleigh McKenzie:

* Chances

Marc Black/Warren Bernhardt:
* Champions of Love

The Matthew Finck, Jonathan Ball Project:
* It’s Not That Far

Helen Avakian:
* Vanishing Point
* I Love The Moon

Billie Rainbird:
*Deep Blue (featuring Simon Phillips)
* Like You Were Here

Mitch Kessler Quartet:
* Der Erlkönig

Kat Mills:
* Two
* Long Time
* Silver

Craig Urquhart:
* Streamwalker
* Secret Spaces
* Evocation

Craig Urquhart and Michael Slattery:
* Secret and Divine Signs

Danielle Woerner:
* Voices of the Valley

Keith Pray:
* Confluence

Ali Ryerson:
* Con Brio!

Megan Chaskey:
* Naam Radiance

Perry Beekman:
* So In Love

Don Haynie & Sheryl Samuel:

* Playin' in the Minors

* Life in the Circus

* God Bless Louisiana
* Here in America

Scott Ainslie:
* The Feral Crow

Kate McDonnell:

​• Broken Bones, WaterBug - 1994​
• Where The Mangoes Are
• Dont Get Me Started, WaterBug- 2001

Mindy Jostyn:
* I and My Father are One

Sarah Millonovich:
* Daisycutter
* Waiting For The Stars

Various Artists:
Woodstock Holidays… featuring John Hall, Orleans, Jules Shear

Ben Murray & Siobhan Quinn:

* Two Rivers, Rosewood Steamroller- 1999

The McKrells:

* Hit The Ground Running, Draguin Records-2002 



Scott Petito, as a Player & Producer

(Bass, Guitar, Keyboards, Percussion and other assorted instruments)

Performed live or on recordings with:

James Taylor, Livingston Taylor, Michael Franks, Rick Danko, Allen Ginsberg, Rory Block, 

Stevie Wonder, Mark Knofler, Keith Richards, John Sebastian, Taj Mahal, David Torn, 

Happy and Artie Traum, Robbie Dupree, Duke Robillard,(the Fabulous Thunderbirds) 

the Dolphins, Dry Jack, Vassar Clements, Garth Hudson (the Band), the Fugs, John Simon,

Bela Fleck (the Flecktones), Kate Taylor, Brian Setzer (the Stray Cats), Jerry Marotta 

(Peter Gabriel), Howard Levy, Arlen Roth, Jay Unger & Molly Mason (The Civil War, PBS), 

Basheri Johnson (Whitney Houston), Tom Paxton, Pete Seeger, Andy Newmark (Roxy Music), 

Tony Levin (John Lennon, Peter Gabriel)... and literally hundreds of sessions with many other artists. 

Scott Petito - Film Scores and TV

 I have been involved in scoring projects as a composer and/or 

producer including the following award winning documentaries 

and programs such as:

“Are There Still Cowboys in Wyoming”, Narrated by Robert Redford 

BBC/HBO Produced by Glen Close

“Commander Crumbcake” Canadian, Childrens TV Series, CBC

“Whitetail Country” Griffin Productions, The Discovery Channel

“The American Wild Turkey”, Griffin Productions, Disney

“The Woodstock Festival Out Takes”, Kaminski Prod., CBS Television

“In the Game”, Frontline, PBS with Jay Unger and Molly Mason

“Richmond”- with Jay and Molly also for PBS

• Scoring for industrials and info-commercials for BMW, AT&T, 

Revlon, Este Lauder, Lifetime TV, Kraft Foods, Wired Music Services

and the Weather Channel.

• Toured the United States, Australia and Europe with a wide 

variety of Artists over the past 15 years.

• Instructor (music theory and songwriting) and Performer at the

Swanannoa Gathering, Warren Wilson College, Asheville, NC 96-99

Contemporary Folk Week.

• Instructional Media: “How to Build a MIDI Music System” 

on Homespun tapes

​​Scott Petito Productions